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LMS6048 is used for accurate measuring of length of boards and planks. LMS6048 is equipped with a patented HeightVision property. With “HeightVision” technology, measuring errors due to vertical uncertainty factors, such as vertical movement, flat bow, edge bow or twisted boards, are avoided. LMS6048 can be used both as a stand-alone sensor or integrated to another systems.



  • Non-contact length measurement, e.g. for dry and green sorting lines, layer measuring on stacker lines
  • Measures the length of sawn or planned end aligned boards with mm millimeter accuracy
  • The distance to the near end of each passing board is measured
  • The length can be calculated because the other end of the board are end aligned (fixed position)


  • Measurement accuracy 1 mm
  • Easy to install in new and existing production lines
  • No moving parts, no mechanical wear
  • Long operating life
  • High accuracy even on boards with dark or uncut end
  • The sorting system may use the raw length to minimize the cut waste and thereby better meet the customer's requirements


Our core capability resides in our ability to deliver effective scanning systems for our customers. Through our experience and understanding of your needs we engineer and produce the right process measurement solutions that will improve your sawmill production yield.

LIMAB was founded 30 years ago and has a long tradition of developing and manufacturing laser based technology. We supply lasers, laser sensors and complete systems for dimensional and quality measurement in sawmills. We constantly develop our scanning solutions and customer support network to achieve the best customer experience.

laser scanning


Technical features


    • The LMS 6048 is mounted at the side of the transversal conveyor.
    • The distance to the near end of each passing board is measured. The length can be calculated because the other end of the board are end aligned (fixed position).
    • The gauge is equipped with LIMAB’s patented "HeightVision" technology, which uses an 80 mm height laser line instead of a small spot.
      This technology allows even very thin boards, bent, twisted or jumping boards to be reliably measured. 

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