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BoardProfiler 3D


BoardProfiler 3D is an upgraded version of the established BoardProfiler system. The system is used for measurement of dimension and shape of boards and planks, as well as for detection of wane and deformation. BoardProfiler 3D includes sensors that scan the board cross section every mm along its length. Due to this measurement principle, the system gives a full crosscut profile of each board for a complete and accurate optimization of trimmer cuttings, reject/turning before edgers or classification of dimension variations and deformation.



  • Laser based board scanning with high resolution
  • Thickness and width sorting
  • Cup and shape measurement
  • Wane detection
  • Deformation measurement


  • Accurate dimension measurement
  • Optimization of cutting for trimmer
  • 3D clearly visualized model
  • Dimension control and defect measurement
  • Shape detection (crook, cup, bow, etc.)


Our core capability resides in our ability to deliver effective scanning systems for our customers. Through our experience and understanding of your needs we engineer and produce the right process measurement solutions that will improve your sawmill production yield.

LIMAB was founded 30 years ago and has a long tradition of developing and manufacturing laser based technology. We supply lasers, laser sensors and complete systems for dimensional and quality measurement in sawmills. We constantly develop our scanning solutions and customer support network to achieve the best customer experience.

laser scanning


Technical features


    • High accuracy board measurements for installations in:


    1. Trimmers
    2. Green/dry sorting lines
    3. Planer lines
    • User-friendly software with customization possibilities
    • Clear and accurate 3D model inclusive all parameters of the board
    • Designed for both transversal (BoardProfiler 3D-T) and linear production (3D-L) lines 


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