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Limab OY and RemaSawco AB have united

Limab OY and RemaSawco AB join their forces with effect from June, 1st 2018.

Linkoping and Mikkeli, June 1, 2018.


Limab OY (LOY) www.limab.fi and RemaSawco AB (RS) www.remasawco.se have decided to merge into one group, formally owned by the mother company of RS, Image Systems AB, a Swedish group, listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq stock exchange.

LOY and RS are two well-known suppliers with a long history in the Sawmill Industry in the Nordic countries, Baltic, Russia and North America.

The product range includes a complete package of Scanners, Optimization Software, Control Systems, Strength Grading Systems and Integration Software for Log sorting, Log Intake, Sawlines, Green sorting, Dry sorting and Planers with close to 5 000 installed units.


Industrial Logic

From RS point of view the merge will add a strong market position in the Finnish, Baltic and Russian market, where LOY has been very successful in implementing new XRay Technology that fits very well into RS strategy going forward, the Digital Sawmill and AIT (Application/Integration/Traceability), a concept that have received very strong interest in the market.

From LOY:s point of view the merge gives a wider Product Portfolio, that can be offered to the existing customer base as well as new customers. In example RS experience in Visual Board Scanning and Sawmill automation completes scanner competence in Finland.

RS and LOY will team up in order to meet the requirements in the new Markets such as North America, where RS and its partner Raptor Inc, www.raptorint.ca have installed scanners and tested the acceptance for x-ray solutions, with a positive feedback.


Further information:

www.remasawco.se                                                       www.limab.fi

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