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During year 2017, Limab Oy has installed LogProfiler 3D + X scanners for the Keitele Timber Keitele, Alajärvi and Kemijärvi production facilities.


The investment has been made in order to accuire precise sorting diameter for sawing patterns and to save the raw material throughout the glulam beam production. “X-ray technology is expected to increase the yield of sawing production and improve the quality of the final product”, - says Ilkka Kylävainio, President and CEO of Keitele Group.


LogProfiler X is one of the newgeneration system from Limab's own product development. The system has superior features, such as movement compensation, under bark measurement and machine learning. The system enables to get the most out of round wood by maximizing sawing yield and quality. “In the development work, Heikki Mäkikuutti's know-how on self-learning measuring systems has been utilized well", - says Juho Virta, Sales Manager of Limab Oy.



The self-learning software gives the user the possibility to concentrate on sorting rules and leave the interpretation and identification of individual timber features for artificial intelligence. After some time of usage, it will be possible to evaluate the results and calculate value increase from the beam production.

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