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About us

"Improve production efficiency and optimize quality, now and in the future."

- Juho Virta, Chairman of the Board



Remasawco Oy as a Company 

We manufactures and commissions measurement systems for sawmill and board production industries. During almost 20 years of expertise, we have established many successful partnerships with our customers from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and South Africa. We are an industrial player, but our aim is not only to sell measurement equipment, but to develop production together with our customers.

We are constantly developing our expertise, and we are looking for the best solutions for increasing the efficiency and the quality control of the production. With our solutions we help our customers to increase the efficiency in their production.

We are striving to improve our way of working on the daily basis, in order to be the best in our branch of industry. Close cooperation with our customers ensures a fast product development. Our goal is, that customers acquire added value from their production, which also benefits Remasawco as a system provider.




Why: Mission

The mission for Remasawco is to continuously look for new ways to improve our customers’ production efficiency and to ensure the right quality of their end products, now and in the future. This makes our work meaningful, challenging and productive.


Direction: Vision

Our vision is to be an energetic pioneer in the technology of industrial measurement systems. We see ourselves as a trusted partner for our customers, a role that implies good service and continuous development. 


Practice: Strategy

We are focusing on five development areas within the business:
1. We are maintaining continuous development discussions with our customers to find new ways to  generate added value in the production.
2. We are developing new scanning technology products to meet the needs of the customer by first identifying the business potential of the solution.
3. We are continually improving our services to extend the lifespan of our products with long-term thinking.
4. We are organically expanding in northern European markets with our existing products. For other markets we are looking for new energetic representatives.
5. We also analyze other industries where new scanning measurement technologies can be valuable. 



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